This was my third October park trip in a row.  I flew to Las VEgas, rented a car, and drove through snow a good share of the way up the Great Basin Highway to Baker.  I stayed at the Silverjack Lodge in Baker run by Terry Marasco.  This is a great place, with good food and a most interesting owner.  I highly recommend it.

Great Basin Park  has Lehman caves, which I saw the first day, then I hiked up towards Baker Lake, getting up around 10,500 feet in a couple of feet of snow.  The lakes were frozen, but the cirque covered in snow was really pretty.  Only downside was that the road up to Wheeler Peak was closed.  I walked part of it, then took a day hike most of the way between the lower and upper road.  I need to go back there and see the bristlecone pines.  Also would like to see the night sky from there.  I am told that the camping outside the park to the north is very remote.  Definitely worth considering!


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