BWCAW 2004

We went down the Nina Moose River and got to LaCroix the same day.  We then paddled to Iron and Crooked, where we saw a bear.  Should have paddled further down the lake, but we thought one night would be safe.  It was.  Problem was, we got hit with 3 inches of rain and 50 knot winds, so we stayed put.  Mr. Bruin showe dup that night and knocked the pack down.  I heard Jan the next morning say, “Mike, there’s a bear in camp.  Should I bang some pots?”  Yes, and no, it didn’t help.  So, we got what food we had, found the pack and left.  Had rice for breakfast and mash potatoes for lunch.  We were a bit hungry when we finished, 3 days later.  Only time I’ve ever been hit by a bear.  I stupidly tried to reclaim my food and got bluff charged, followed by a deep hiss.  I almost backed into the lake.  Sorry, no pictures of him.

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