BWCAW 2005

So far, this has been my last solo trip.  I was going to go with Pieter Helmke, but a pet got very ill and he had to cancel.  Pieter and I took many trips together to the Nahanni and Yukon rdivers as well as into the Quetico.  We went into the Quetico in 1997 and had a great, but very difficult trip.  Our last time together was in 2002, when we went into Crane Lake and did the western part of La Croix.

Anyway, this trip was my last one into Kawnipi, although I always hold out for one more.  I’ve been into Kawnipi 6 times, and that makes me very blessed as anybody who has seen that lake would admit.  I had flat water all the way up Agnes, stayed a night on Kawnipi, then came back in the rain, with again calm water, and stayed on Meadows Lake, which is usually a 20 minute pass through on the way in and out.  Meadows is a great lake to camp on.  I came out in fog.

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