Acadia (1971)

Great Smokies (walked through it on Appalachian Trail 1998-99)

Shenandoah (1965)

Voyageurs (1991)

Glacier (1970)

Grand Teton (1969)

Yellowstone (1969)

Rocky Mountain (1968)

Great Sand Dunes (1969)

Mesa Verde (1975)

Petrified Forest (1975)

Grand Canyon (Multiple, multi-day backpack trips 1975-85)

Saguaro (right next door)

Zion (Multiple, multi-day backpack trips 1978-80)

Bryce Canyon (1978)

Mount Rainier (1970)

Olympic (One multi-day backpack trip 1987)

Crater Lake (Multiple trips 1970-71)

Death Valley (1984)

Denali (1982)

Glacier Bay (Multiple trips 1982, 1990)


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