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September 14, 2009

Shortly before New Years’, I drove over to Guadalupe Mountains NP in west Texas, arriving at 2.  It was breezy down at Park Headquarters at about 5500 feet altitude, and the ranger told me that it would really be blowing on top of Guadalupe Peak.  The hike is about 8 miles round trip with 3000 feet of climbing.  I decided to go as high as I could before I hit wind.  I went up and up, and there wasn’t much wind.  Finally, with about 300 vertical feet to the summit, I realized I could do this.  A short while later, I was the highest person in Texas.  I was on top of Guadalupe Peak in dead calm.  Now I just had to get down before it got dark, which of course, it does early that time of year.  It was a memorable hike, and the views of the Salt Flats that I had driven over just 3 hours earlier were remarkable.  Neat park!