Mill Creek FallsBumpass HellBumpass HellBumpass HellView half way up LassenLassen Park viewpoint from roadNorth of Summit Lakes regionDevastated Area--trees alone in a rock field

Bumpass Hell pictures One of the Twin LakesIMG_1635IMG_1633Pothole LakePothole LakeBumpass HellViewPothole LakeBumpass HellBumpass HellBumpass HellDry fumaroleEntry Point from the southSummit Lakes areaLittle Bear Lake in the Summit Lakes regionOne of the twin lakesOne of the Twin LakesViews from half way up Lassen PeakGot on the Pacific Crest Trail!One of the twin lakesIMG_1600One of the twin lakesSummit Lake LoopSummit Lake LoopFrom Summit Lake LoopIMG_1602Meadow near Mill Creek FallsLassen from Helen LakeMill Creek FallsLooking toward Brokeoff SummitAlong the Brokeoff TrailLassenSummit Lake LoopLassen from Helen LakeView

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